Season 3 Episode 21:

Hey everyone, on this episode of the Flash we learn about Savitar's origin, and we see how far the team will go to try to stop Savitar. So spoilers ahead for the episode tonight, and the identity of Savitar, so let's recap.

The episode starts off where we picked up from last week where our Barry confronts Savitar on the street, and future, disfigured Barry Allen walks out from the suit.e future (4 years) he creates time remnants, Savitar lets one live, which that one becomes Savitar. Barry threatens to kill himself. But Savitar tells Barry that when Barry fights Savitar in the Savitar tells Barry that he only needs to do two things, one kill Iris, and the other, he isn't revealing. Barry fights Savitar and pins him down. The Savitar suit picks Barry up and throws him away, they two fight, and future Barry gets away.

Back at Star Labs Barry tells the team and Cisco realizes that the 2056 Barry Allen message that the Legends of Tomorrow got was a warning about future Barry being Savitar. Cisco draws up a timeline, which shows future time remnants of Barry survives Savitar, he goes insane and went back in time, became the first ever speedster, and came back to present day to make himself come to life.

Barry takes a minute, Iris goes to talk him, and Barry knows that the darkness he saw inside future Barry/ Savitar, is the same darkness he felt inside himself when his parents were murdered, he wanted to get revenge for his losses. Cisco tells Barry that he has an idea. Cisco has come up with a plan to prevent barry from making new memories so Savitar can not counter a plan they make to defeat him. They perform the zapping on Barry, and it works, the only thing, Barry doesn't know who he is. He tries to escape Star Labs, but he is shown photos of him with his friends. Barry stays at Star Labs without his memory, and he asks to be called Bart Allen and probably thinks he took a trip to Smallville once.
Joe gets a call from Cecile who tells Joe that Barry is needed in court to testify against criminal, Fire Monger.

We cut to Killer Frost with Savitar,  who chokes her as he has lost his memory.

Joe, Iris, and Barry get to the police station. They talk to Cecile in Joe's office, and Joe and Iris tell her that Barry has lost his memory. She tells them if Barry doesn't testify, Fire Monger will be dismissed. Barry and Iris leave to have coffee at Jitters. Iris is loving that Barry does not have all this weight on his shoulders. Barry gets called into the court, so he leaves.

At the court, Cisco and Jullian give Barry some glasses which can not get wet. Barry goes up and starts testifying against Fire Monger, which Cisco thinks is a great name. Barry gets messages from his glasses, which Jullian is typing. Barry starts sweating and the glasses break. So Barry is stuck, not knowing what is going on, Barry fails to testify and Fire Monger is dismissed.

Iris and barry get to their apartment and Barry is wondering how they managed to get a nice place. Barry looks at photos of his parents, and Iris tells him that they died a peaceful death. Barry then discovers his powers and he freaks out.

At Star Labs, Jullian, Cisco, and Wally find Killer Frost. Wally tries to stop her, but he doesn't have his speed. Killer Frost tells them that Savitar has lost his memory, therefore Wally will have no powers or something? But Killer Frost is offering help to restore Barry's memories. They accept the offer. Cisco, Killer Frost, and Jullian are working, Cisco tries to guilt trip Killer Frost by mentioning Ronnie, and Cisco tells Killer Frost that Caitlin was in very memory that he has cherished.

At Star Labs Joe is about to shoot Killer Frost, but Cisco stops him, Iris and Barry get to Star Labs and the whole team finds out that Fire Monger is lighting a building on fire. Barry tells the team that he has to at least try to save people. So he suits up and gets out there, not in control of his powers.
Killer Frost tells the team about a device built into the suit, so Cisco turns it on and it jogs Barry's brain, Iris then jogs his memory on the first time they meet, young Barry was upset with the death of his mother and Iris comforted him. Barry gets his memory back, and so does Savitar. Barry runs up the building to stop the fire, and Wally comes to help. The two put out the fire and take down Fire Monger.

Back at Star Labs, Killer Frost leaves, Jullian, Cisco, and Barry try to ask her to stay and try to bring out the Caitlin within her. Jullian tells Killer Frost that he loves her, but Killer Frost replies "I never loved you..., any of any." Killer Frost leaves in the elevator, and her eyes turn normal for a second and go back to being icy blue.

Barry talks to Iris and he tells her that he loves her, HR walks in, and after the episode of him and Tracy trying to build a relationship and Savitar's speed trap, they finish it.The team comes in to look at the trap. Tracy only needs the energy to power the trap, more energy than in the sun. Iris says "where are we going to find something like that." We cut an alien device and we see that King Shark is guarding it in his prison in Argus.

My favorite scene in the episode was the ending, the device that Tracy Brand needs to finish building Savitar's trap is alien tech, guarded by King Shark, and in Argus prison. This is what Bary needs Captain Cold's help for, in next week's episode. But this is so exciting to see how far team Flash will have to go to save Iris. Get an alien device that may kill them, which is guarded by a 10 foot tall walking Shark, in a highly secure prison, lead by a woman with current relationship issues.

In the episode, Savitar's origin was revealed, it was way off my theory. My theory was that Savitar was the original Barry from flashpoint, but when our Barry created and lived in flashpoint, original flashpoint Barry was trapped in the speed force, where his memories were linking with our Barry's, so he experienced the death of his parents, over and over again, which drove him insane, and when Wally threw the philosopher's stone into the speed force, original flashpoint Barry got powers and became Savitar. But it is nothing like that, Savitar is a future time remnant of Barry.

I thought Candice Patton did a good job in the episode playing Iris, she wanted Barry to be happy, and not have the weight of the world on his shoulders. It was interesting to see how she ultimately is the only point for Barry between him being who he is or turning into Savitar.
Grant Gustin was great as clueless Barry in the episode, I liked the early season 1 vibe I got from him in the episode. And Danielle Panabaker was great as Killer Frost, I liked how she worked with the team to solve an issue, but she isn't working with the team full time.

Overall, this episode of the Flash was an interesting one, there are only two episodes left, and the hype is getting real. In tonight's episode, I enjoyed the theme of cause and effect, how everything has an effect in the future. The characters were used in interesting ways. I will give Cause and Effect an 8.5 out of 10. I would like to hear your thoughts and/or opinions down in the comment section below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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