Season 3 Episode 23:

Hey everyone, the Flash season 3 finale is here, so much stuff happened from the begging all the way to the end of the episode. So lots of spoilers ahead, let's recap.

The episode picks up straight from last week, Barry is holding a stabbed Iris in his hands. Joe on the rooftop cries and HR picks up his gun and he sees Tracy crying he then says to himself "I have made a terrible mistake."
Barry holds Iris in his arms and she calls him B.A. Iris uses the masking technology to reveal that Iris was not stabbed, but HR was, and he replaced her.
Back on the rooftop, we find Iris takes off the HR mask and she comforts her father, still in shock.
We cut to a flashback, we see HR use the piece of Savitar's suit he got to track him down, HR finds Iris and he swaps faces with her. Killer Frost knocks down the real Iris, and the real HR is taken away.

Back in real time, on the ground, HR tells Barry to tell Cisco something. Tracy comes to comfort HR in his final moments. Tracy tells HR that he can't die because she found love in, HR tells Tracy to go on to do great things, and HR dies.

Back at Star Labs, the team is down from HR's death. Barry, Iris, and Joe go chack the future newspaper and find out that Iris's name is on the paper. Savitar will cease to existence as Iris never died so the paradox will catch up to him in a few hours. Julian does have some good news, he has made a cure for Killer Frost to go back to Caitlin. Wally comes in being healed and he tried to find Cisco, but he couldn't.

Meanwhile, Cisco is knocked down by Killer Frost, she is about to kill him but Savitar stops her, he starts remembering that Iris didn't die, but HR did. Savitar takes Cisco and Killer Frost to the lab. Savitar demands Cisco to recreate the speed force bazooka so Savitar can be shot with it and remain throughout all time and space, before the paradox of him not existing catches up to him.
Cisco says he won't do it, but Savitar tells barry that there is a cure for killer Frost, and Savitar threatens to kill Killer Frost. Cisco then complies to Savitar and gets to work.

Back at Star Labs, Barry and Iris are in the brail room looking at the Reverse Flash suit. barry says he hated Eobard, he hated Zoom, but after what Captain Cold told him, maybe this time he can't defeat a villain with hate, maybe he needs to welcome Savitar.

Barry goes over to meet Savitar, he manages to get some memories from him and the two go to Star Labs. Everyone is skeptical of Savitar and Barry promises him that they will help him from the paradox, but he needs to tell them where Cisco and Killer Frost are. Iris walks over to Savitar and looks at his scars. The team needs the help of Tracy to solve the paradox for Savitar. Harry from Earth-2 comes to talk to Tracy where he tells her that she needs to help team Flash, HR didn't turn his back on the team.

Savitar walks around Star labs and he remembers everything, he asks Barry what will he do, will he be a part of team Flash, help them take down rogues, Davoe, who team Flash has not faced yet. Savitar says that love and hate are easily mistakable, and then he starts regretting killing HR. Iris talks him through and asks him where Killer Frost and Cisco are, Savitar says he will bring them home and runs off.

As soon as he runs off an alarm goes off, there is a huge power level;s going off in Star Labs, the team finds out that it is this philosopher's stone and it is going do make a speed force explosion. Barry and Wally get everyone out, and a blue beam shoots up into the sky.

Savitar gets back to Killer Frost and Cisco and he tells them that his scheme worked, trying to get team Flash to trust him. Cisco talks so more trash about Savitar, and Killer Frost is given the order that she can kill him. Cisco gets saved by Gypsy who vibes him to Barry and Iris's apartment, where they meet team Flash.

Cisco tells the team Savitar's plan on him being spliced throughout time, to outrun the paradox of his existence.

Meanwhile, in a field, Killer Frost and Savitar are ready to do their plan. Savitar runs to create a wormhole to the speed force, But then the Black Flash comes in and he chases Savitar, killer Frost uses her powers to stop him and turn him into ice and shatter him, as her powers are great against superspeed.  Savitar goes near the wormhole. KJiller Frost powers up the speed force bazooka and starts splicing Savitar. Jay Garrick runs out of the speed force and knocks down Savitar. He then lines up with Barry, Cisco, Gypsy, and Wally who are all suited up for action. Cisco gives Jay his helmet, which cisco called Jay Garrick for help.

With the teams set, Barry, Jay, and Wally chase Savitar through the woods. Cisco and Gypsy take on Killer Frost. Gypsy has a fight with Killer Frost and she gets knocked down. Cisco gives Killer Forst a choice, he hands her Julian's cure. Cisco tells her that she can be Caitlin if she wants. Savitar comes and strangles Cisco, and Killer Frost goes against Savitar to save Cisco.Savitar tries to get away, but barry phases through the suit and knocks Savitar out. barry takes over the Savitar suit which has Red lighting instead of Blue. Barry throws punches at Savitar and has the ability to kill him, to become Savitar. Barry stops and gets out of the suit, and destroys it.

Barry walks over to his friends, Caitlin Frost, and Cisco. Savitar is about to attack Barry, but Iris kills him with a gun. Savitar falls on the ground and evaporates into speed force dust Reverse Flash style, not twice though.

Barry and Iris hug, with the two alive as their lives were threatened.

the next day a funeral is held for HR Wells. Barry, Iris, Tracy, Cisco, Julian, Wally, Joe, Gypsy, and Jay, and Harry is there. Iris says a few words, on how HR was her hero, he was willing to do anything to make things right, and he never turned his back on family, the Flash family.
Tracy says a few words, on how HR was an inspiring figure for her, and she truly found love in him. The team says their goodbye's to HR, like Wally thanks HR for believing in him, Julian for HR being a good friend. Barry tells Cisco what HR told him, which was "this took strength, and he gave it to me."

At the funeral Killer Frost shows up with Caitlin eyes, she gives the team back the cure for her. She tells them that she is no Killer Frost, nor Caitlin Snow, she is someone else, that she needs to figure out.

Back at barry and Iris's apartment, the two sit down and they are thankful that they are alive, Iris tells Barry that she has made wedding invites, which Barry hands out in an instant. Back at the apartment, there is a shaking. Barry and Iris go to Star Labs to find out what it is. Harry tells the team that it is not an Earthquake, but it is coming from above, we then see Blue, Red, Yellow, and Orange lighting strike down Central city. Cisco tracks the power from it, and Jay says that it is speed force energy. Jay says that when he left the speed force that a new prisoner is needed. Barry says he has to go and be the prisoner, as none of this wouldn't have happened if he didn't create Flashpoint.

Outside, team Flash looks out, the city is in terror. Barry gives his goodbye's to the team, he tells Wally to be the Flash, Cisco to lead the team, Harry to stick around, and he thanks Julian for being a good friend. Joe tells barry that they should have also been trying to save Barry as well. Barry kisses iris and he tells her that he will come back and he will always love her. A speed force wormhole opens up and the speed force reincarnates Barry's mother Nora. Barry goes with her into the speed force, which stops the storm, and the team in grief.

The biggest scene was the ending. Barry Allen goes into the speed force after the speed force comes and destroys Central City. This is huge going into season 4. Set photos of this were seen early this year, but they were kind of spoilery so I stayed away. But the ending was a great ending, I liked how Barry gave everyone an individual purpose, and they were all reluctant to let him go.
But this concluded the theme of the season, taking responsibility for your actions, even if you can justify them. Barry created Flashpoint out of grief, he has to pay the price of that because he escaped grief with Iris not dying.

The death in the episode, HR, it was a twist that many people saw coming, but it was sad to actually see it unfold. The character was built up through the season, he was not a genius, he didn't fit into team Flash too well, but he was there, he was always there, he was willing to take responsibility for his actions last episode, which he did and had to sacrifice himself. Tom Cavanagh was great as Earth-19 HR, but he will always be on the show as a version of Harrison Wells from the multiverse, or from a different point in time.

The cast in the episode was amazing, Grant Gustin was great as Barry Allen, the Flash. I really felt he delivered on the performance of Barry, especially at the end. As Savitar, he was an alright villain out of the suit, Tobin Bell was the voice of Savitar in the suit, which really brought the villain to life. I liked everyone else in the episode, and their role in the season, Jesse L. Martin (Joe West), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramone/ Vibe), Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow/ Killer Frost), Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West/ Kid Flash), Jessica Camacho (Gypsy), Tom Felton (Julian Albert), Anna Dudek (Tracy Brand), Michelle Harrison (Nora Allen), and John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick.

Overall this episode of the Flash was a great way to end the finale. The character development worked well, there was no huge extremely complicated weird plot twist. This was a great way to conclude the season, therefore I give 'Finish Line" a 9 out of 10. I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode, down in the comments below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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