Season 3 Episode 20:

Hey everyone, on tonight's episode of the Flash we finally learn Savitar's identity, so spoilers, spoilers, spoilers, ahead for the episode, let's recap.

The episode starts with a flashforward to 16 hours ahead, we find Barry confronting Savitar and telling him who he. Going back 16 hours before, we find Joe and Cecile are moving up in their relationship, which Joe is kind of afraid of with him working with his kids on Flash stuff, and his son, Wally (who is on Earth-3) is Kid-Flash. Joe gets called into Star Labs and Barry tells the team that they need to find physicist, Tracy Brand to create the trap for Savitar, as she does in the future.

Barry, Cisco, and HR go to the Central City College to find Tracy. The three do and they find out that she hasn't been successful in her work at all, and she is planning to work at Belly Burger. Barry talks to her about what she is working on, HR tells her that she can achieve whatever she wants to. Killer Frost comes into the room and Barry saves Tracy. Tracy and HR get out of the building, and Barry gets taken down by Frost, Cisco is about to vibe, but he can't bring himself to do it, and Killer Frost takes down Cisco. Barry manages to use a blowtorch on Killer Frost and she flees.

At the police station, Tracy gives Joe the description of Killer Frost, Barry comes in and tells Joe that they erased the camera footage of Killer Frost, to protect Caitlin's identity as the villain. Joe as a talk with Cecile about their relationship and Barry overhears.Tracy leaves the police station and Barry tells Joe that they have to keep a close eye on her as Killer Frost is specifically going to go after Tracy as Killer Frost is tasked by Savitar to get rid of Tracy before she designs the device to trap Savitar.

We find Killer Frost have a conversation with Savitar, he tells her that she isn't very much of a killer, so Savitar tells Killer Frost that he is going to change that.Savitar tells Killer Frost that she is too fond of Barry and Cisco still and that there is still a little more Caitlin in Killer Frost.

Later on, at night, HR finds Tracy in Jitters, the coffee shop. He buys Tracy her coffee and the two talk about science. We see that Cisco is telling HR what to say over the coms. We see that Jullian is with Cisco, the two discuss Caitlin and how Cisco could have taken her down at the college, which Cisco ignores. We see that in a car is Joe and Barry, Barry tells Joe that he needs to tell Cecile about his work with the Flash, but Joe says that he is afraid of losing the only normal aspect of his life.

HR talks to Tracy about what she has been developing, and that she can achieve what she wants. Tracy tells HR that she has been studying speedsters and the speed force, (which HR name dropped)  and that it is possible that the speed force can be manipulated. HR is about to have his coffee when he finds the coffee has been frozen. HR and Tracy rush out, HR calls for help and the whole team comes out. Killer Frost walks out and Barry chases after her, but Killer Frost uses an ice path to run away. After a chase across Central City, Barry manages to get Killer Frost to an area where Cisco is and Barry tells Cisco to knock out Killer Frost. Cisco doesn't take down Killer Frost, who gets away.

Back at Star Labs Barry shows Tracy the informational hologram Barry got of Tracy from the future, she freaks out as she finds out that she wins a Nobel prize. Barry tells Tracy that they want her help to stop Savitar, as he is going to kill someone [Iris] important to them, they tell her that Killer Frost is out for her as she develops the technology to stop Savitar. Tracy walks out after being shocked of what is going on, HR follows after her.

Cisco has a talk with Julian, and Cisco opens out about his powers, that he is afraid that he is going to kill Caitlin when he goes up against Killer Frost, and Cisco wishes that he was the one that was possessed instead of Caitlin. Barry has a talk with Joe about telling Cecile about all the Flash stuff, but Joe said he is going to do it.HR walks in and tells the two that he can't find Tracy. The team looks though the future hologram and find Tracy to be at a statue. HR talks to her and he tells Tracy that they need her help, HR isn't the smartest in science, but Tracy is, and she has the knowledge that can shape the future, that she can become a Noble prize winner.

Back at his house, Joe invites over Cecile, and he breaks off their relationship. Cecile walks out the door. But the doorbell rings again and Killer Frost has a frost shard up to Cecile's neck, she tells Joe that they can exchange Cecile for Tracy at a location which Joe will be texted. Killer Frost takes off with Cecile.

At Star Labs the team is discussing what to do, Barry needs Cisco to takes on Killer Frost. Julian talks to Cisco and tells him that his powers don't come from hate, but from the good inside of him. Joe gets the text, and the location is a warehouse, HR tells Tracey and the team takes off.

At the warehouse, Cecile is tied up in a chair and Barry, Joe, and Tracy shows up. Barry tries to talk Killer Frost out of aligning with Savitar, but Killer Frost finishes all his sentences, as she tells him that this is all history to Savitar. Killer Frost also knows that Cisco is upstairs. We cut to Cisco where an explosive goes off, Cisco vibes away, but still gets knocked down. Killer Frost takes down Barry and gets frozen. Cisco gets up and takes on Killer Frost, Joe gets Cecile out of the warehouse and Cisco takes down Killer Frost.
After Cisco gets a sample of Killer Frost's blood, Savitar shows up and takes away Killer Frost.

Back at Star Labs, Julian says that he may be able to create a cure for Killer Frost with the blood sample. Tracy manages to sketch up a diagram and believes that Savitar may be able to be trapped with is own static electricity. At Joe's office in the police station, Joe apologizes to Cecile and he tells her that he works with the Flash and everything else.The two make up and forgive each other.

Joe comes back home and Wally, Iris, and Barry are sitting on the couch talking. Joe joins them and tells them about Cecile, Joe says "imagine what we would become if we didn't have love." Barry has flashes of all the Savitar identity hints throughout the season. Iris asks Barry if he is okay. Barry says he needs to go somewhere, and he runs off. Barry runs to what seems like his childhood street and calls out for Savitar who shows up. Barry goes on to say on how Savitar has been manipulating the team and how he is one step ahead of them. Barry says to Savitar "I know who you are." Savitar replies "It's about time." We see the Savitar suit open and we see a figure come out, and is a disfigured Barry Allen!

So the ending, I am guessing everyone's favorite scene was the end reveal of future Barry being Savitar. I covered this theory before, but I personally thought that future Barry was going to be Savitar, I had Jay at the top of my list. But this reveal was so insane, comment below if you predicted it, I know a lot of people did. But I am glad about this reveal, I suppose that this is kind of like the evil future Flash from the new 52. I am wondering why future Barry is doing all these things, to make his life hell. Why would Barry kill Iris, to make his life hell before he screws something up? I can't wait to find out the motives of future Barry in the last remaining episodes.

I enjoyed the whole cast in the episode, Grant Gustin, great as the Flash, and his reaction to Savitar's identity was great. Jesse L. Martin as Joe, there was great character development with his character, and Carlos Valdes as Cisco, it was interesting to see how reluctant of using his powers on Killer Frost, as he is afraid of killing Caitlin, that is an interesting arc to see. Tom Cavanagh as HR, great seeing him and the chemistry he had with Tracy in the episode, which I will get into a bit. Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost, so amazing, I love seeing full blown Killer Frost on the show, she makes for a great villain for the show, with her relationship with the team and how Killer Frost wants to kill team Flash, I am looking forward to Killer Frost possibly being a villain on the show.

In the episode, we were introduced to Anne Dudek as Tracy Brand, the physicist who seems very close to stopping Savitar, at least in the concepts she created. The charter is very charismatic, and quirky, something that is interesting to see. I liked the overall performance of Anne Dudek in the episode and I am looking forward to her membership on team Flash in the future.

Overall, this episode of the Flash, amazing, I loved the Savitar revealed, I enjoyed the introduction of Tracy Brand and the character development of nearly all the characters, including Killer Frost, and the tone of the episode was captured perfectly. I will give 'I know who you are' a 9.5 out of 10. This may be my second or third favorite episode. Comment below your thoughts and/or opinions of the episode down below, I would like to know. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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