Season 3 Episode 22:

Hey everyone on this episode of the Flash we see some really interesting stuff, with Captain Cold and the lead into the finale.

The episode starts off 24 hours before Iris get killed. Tracy and HR are working hard, Cisco is texting Felicity on possible power sources to power the speed force bazooka, Joe and Wally are looking at pictures of Iris. Barry and Iris are in bed and Iris tells Barry that she wanted to try caviar, so Barry goes out get it. Iris gets Barry's phone and records a video message.

The next morning Cisco tells Barry that he tracked a power source at the Argus facility. Cisco and Barry talk to Lyla and they ask her about taking the power source from the Dominators ship.Lyla tells them that she isn't allowed to as she doesn't trust Barry as the tech could get in the wrong hands and create a war, and plus he lost Lyla's trust when he created flashpoint.

Back at Star Labs Barry tells the team that they need to sneak into Argus, but there are power dampeners so Barry, Wally, or Cisco can not use their powers and none of them are thieves. Barry goes back in time to Siberia in 1892 where he picks up Leonard Snart, Captain Cold who is with the legends, during Season 1. Barry tells Leonard that he needs his help to break into Argus and steal a power source, in order to save Iris.
Barry brings Leonard back to 2017. Barry tells the team that they need his help, even though Barry broke his no time travel rule, which Barry says is ruled out by Barry not stopping to save Iris.

Meanwhile with Savitar, who is preparing his suit he has a talk with Killer Frost who tells her that there is not Caitlin in her, and there is no Barry in him. Killer Frost tries to talk out Savitar from killing Iris, who tells her that it is either Iris dies or Savitar dies. Savitar says that he was created as disposable life and nothing that Barry built with his relationships matter to him.

Back at Star Labs, Leonard creates a plan and looks at the blueprints of the Argus facility. He tells the team that they have to:
-create a plan
-execute the plan
-expect the plan to go off the rails
-throw away the plan

Iris is going with Wally and Joe to be hidden away from Barry, thus future barry/ Savitar will not know. Iris tells Barry that in saving her, don't loose himself.
Iris, Wally, and Joe go to Earth-2 where they meet up with Harry, they tell him what is going on and Iris hides out there. Joe and Iris start confessing things they did, like Iris sneaking out of the house, and Joe spending money to go on a Blues cruise.

In helping Tracy, HR offers her a position on team Flash, as he found a purpose being on the team.

At the Argus facility, the plan goes in motion. Lyla leaves. Barry uses HR's face disguise to pose as Lyla and brings in Leonard. Barry takes down the security guards and the two proceed. they go past the closed cells of the Suicide Squad, where we see the names on the cells, "Grodd", Cheetah", and "Cupid". Leonard and Barry see the Dominators power source in a cell through a window. Barry talks to Cisco over the com's about getting through the door, but Cisco can't get in the mainframe. But surprise, Leonard managed to in 37 seconds.
The two lift up the door, but they find King Shark is a guard dog. Barry asks Leonard for his gun, willing to kill King Shark.

Leonard tells Barry that there are other ways for him to get through this. Leonard drops the source of his cold gun in the cell, which puts King Shark to sleep. Leonard and barry sneak through the cell. Barry grabs the source of the Dominators technology, but trigger an alarm. The cell door starts closing and Barry manages to get through, but Leonard is still stuck inside the cell. King Shark wakes up, Barry tells Cisco what is going on, and he manages to open the cell door, Leonard crawls out, King Shark grabs his hand around Leonard's leg. Barry tells Cisco to close the door, and King Shark loses his hand, but he grows it back.
Barry and Leonard are about to leave but are greeted by Lyla and Argus soldiers.

Lyla talks with Barry and Leonard. She tells Barry that he could have ditched Leonard, but he did the right thing. Lyla gives Barry the power source, trusting him to do the right thing. Barry drops Leonard back to Siberia 1892, and the Leonard tells Barry that they work well together, Leonard brings that bad out of Barry, and barry brings the good out of Leonard. Barry goes back to present day. We see barry run into Star Labs and he asks if Iris is okay, HR tells him that she is safe on Earth-2. But it is revealed that is was future Barry asking, disguised as the Flash.

On Earth-2, Savitar shows up. Harry and Joe have their guns ready. Wally fights Savitar and gets his leg broken and his spine seems to have been damaged. Joe and Harry shoot. Savitar stops and future Barry comes out. Joe tries to talk him out of killing Iris, he apologizes to him for whatever he has done to him. Savitar takes Iris and our Barry shows up too late.

53 minutes before Iris dies, the team is at Star Labs. Wally is on the medical bed, upset he didn't save Iris. Tracy tells the team that the speed force bazooka is ready. Cisco packs his vibe gear and HR is angry at himself, if he hadn't opened his mouth, Iris would be safe. HR feels guilty that team Flash has given him a purpose but he hasn't helped, he didn't help Tracy, he hasn't done anything. Cisco tells him that HR is an important part of team Flash, as he is always there when they need him the most.
Cisco is about to leave Star Labs and he vibes Killer Frost in the forest, he tells Barry and leaves.

At Infantino street, Barry is waiting for Savitar. Joe and HR are on the roof with their guns. Tracy is in the van ready to power the speed force bazooka.

Meanwhile, Cisco is in his vibe suit, he faces Killer Frost and says that he doesn't want to fight her. Killer Frost says that she wants to kill Cisco and the two go at it, full Vibe vs Killer Frost. Killer Forst manages to knock down Cisco.

At Infantino street, Savitar shows up with Iris. He places her down and Barry fires the speed force bazooka at Savitar, ghostbusters style, and Savitar dodges all the fire Savitar manages to absorb the energy and disperse it, putting all of Tracy's work to waste.

 Barry tries to reason with Savitar, then he starts running in slow motion. Over this, we hear Iris' message she recorded for Barry, on it, she tells him that she loves him and she is proud to soon be married to him. We see the fatal moments of Barry not being fast enough, and Savitar stabs Iris straight through the heart. Joe sees this and is in shock, disbelief. Barry holds Iris's body in his arms and cries out.

By far the biggest scene in the episode was the ending. After all this time of Barry preventing Iris' death, it managed to happen. Now everyone is going to blame themselves, Barry for not being fast enough, Wally for not taking down Savitar when he could, HR for not having his mouth shut, Tracy for not making the bazooka work, Cisco for not being there, and Joe for not protecting his daughter.
I didn't think that this scene would play out in the present day, but it did, and I am excited to see what happens next. There will be a big twist to this like someone used the face disguise.
But at the moment, R.I.P Iris West

In the episode, I really enjoyed seeing Wentworth Miller back as Leonard Snart, Captain Cold. I liked the role he played in the episode, with his dynamic with Barry and how the two bring out the opposites in each other. I am wondering if and how they will bring Captain Cold back into present day.
Audrey Marie Anderson was grat as Lyla in the episode. She had a great role as she realized that Barry would go this far to save Iris, so he earned the reward of the power source, even though she didn't trust barry at the begging for creating flashpoint. I am excited to see more of her character going forward and a possible Suicide Squad, with Cheetah!

Of course Candice Patton as Iris West. I enjoyed seeing the character leading up to the ending, she was developed out more, we saw more of her relationships, like with her father, Joe, which Jesse L. Martin, great job. But Iris in the episode, she accepted her fate, which everything that was going to happen, happened, in the worst way possible, with her giving up her engagement ring. The character of Iris should hopefully live on in the show, but who knows how.

Overall this episode of the Flash, one of my favorites, I loved how it all played out, with the lead up to a possible twist, but going with the future we saw in episode 9. Infantino street is where the incident that will change team Flash forever went down. I will give this episode a 9 out of 10. I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down in the comments down below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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