With the Flash season 3 over, it is time to talk about season 4, what will happen, who the main villain, is and where we can expect to find out main heroes. So spoilers ahead for season 3 of the Flash.

Just for a small recap. After defeating Savitar who killed HR, Barry was called into the speed force, as the speed force needed another prisoner after Jay Garrick got out. So Barry went into the speed force, knowing is friends are safe, and without Iris' death he wouldn't be pushed off to the edge in becoming Savitar.

In the Speedforce we know that a speedster will witness an eternity of pain and suffering, for their speed force crimes, which Barry's was creating Flashpoint. In the speed force, Barry will be witnessing his Mother's death over and over again, as well as his father's death over and over again.

In the outside real world, Earth-1, team Flash will be lead by Cisco and Earth-2 Harry. The team will be finding the new meta's or speedsters created by the speed force storm before Barry went into the speed force. Wally will most likely be wearing the red suit, and being called the Flash.
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Julian will probably be woking closely with team Flash as the forensic scientist, helping take down the new metahumans popping up.
Iris will be mourning Barry being missing, and Joe will try to help her the time of need. Tracy Brand will most likely stay on the team helping them create any devices needed to stop the villains coming their way. Earth-2 Harry might exit the show further into the season and Tom Cavanagh will most likely play a new version of Harrison Wells.

It is most likely that the main villain of the season will be the Thinker, DaVoe, who Savitar reference. We know that it is not a speedster villain so the Thinker would be a formidable foe, controlling, manipulating team Flash, and possibly getting Killer Frost to side with him. Which Danielle Panabaker is not off the show, she is still a series regular.

I am very interested to see what happens in the episode. I want the see in the first few episodes what team Flash is doing without Barry, but Grant Gustin could still be in the episode, with us seeing him in the speed force. In the season I think we will follow a similar format, with the villain premise being set up, then we have the crossover in November, then the mid-season finale, and continue with the rest of the season with the team trying ways to take down the Thinker, like the cerebral inhibitor.

I would like to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see in the Flash season 4? let me know by dropping a comment below. The Flash will most likely air in October of this year, like the other shows, and will remain on Tuesday, or Wednesday, depending on where you live. But as always thanks for reading, take care.

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