Hey everyone, the trailer for the new X-Men tv series airing on Fox is out. The Gifted. There is not a whole lot we know about the show, but we do see some really awesome stuff in the trailer with new characters to the show and other X-Men characters like Blink and Polaris.

In the trailer, we find that the show will focus on this family. The father played by Stephen Moyer, works at an organization which locks up mutants. But his children, played by Natalie Alyn, and Percy Hynes, have discovered telepathic mutant abilities. This puts the family at a crossroads as the father will do anything to protect his children.

We see Percy Hynes's character, Alex being bullied at school and he uses his full power on some school bullies. We also see Natalie Alyn using her powers by creating a forcefield

We see a shot of Sean Teale talking to Stephen Moyer's character, hoping that his children will be protected. We see that there are all these tennis balls on the gruond sliced in half, so he seems to have mutnat abilities.

Here is a shot of Jamie Chung as Blink, who we do see use her powers in the trailer. I am excited to find out more about the character, and her full scope of her abilities.

The first sentinels are here, they appear to be regular humans hunting down mutants. I don't think we would ever see a full-blown sentinel robot on the show, it would be way too expensive.

Here is a shot of Thunderbird played by Blair Redford. With all these charter like Thunderbird and Blink in the show, who appeared in X-Men days of future past, it seems like the show may not be too conected to the films, but who knows, day's of future past could have changed these charcters history. But they do seem the same with them being the next generation of mutants after the X-men have been erradicated as we hear in the trailer.

Polaris, Magneto's daughter is on the show, this is a character I am excited to see and she is played by Emma Dumont. She hasn't been done on screen before, but the special effects look amazing. I am excited for teh charcter to be on the show.

The final shot of the trailer is the mutants, the gifted, being chased by spider robots, and Alex seems to be using his ultimate power against them.

Overall, the trailer for the Gifted gets me excited for the sereis, there is no release date for the sereis, but there will be anothe trailer before it airs on Fox. I would like to hear your thoughts on the trailer down below, and anything I may have missed. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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