A new Wonder Woman trailer has dropped, and my god, the film looks so good, with the cinematography, the style, and tone of the trailer. But let's break down the trailer.

The first shots in the trailer are of young Diana getting tucked into bed by her mother, Hippolyta, and she dreams of being a warrior. We cut to shots of Diana in World War One fighting through the battlefield.
 We have Hippolyta telling Diana that mankind does not deserve help
Diana finds Steve Trevor crash landing on the island, she saves him and brings him to this throne, where he is held by the lasso of truth.
Steve tells the Amazonians about World War One and Dr. Poison who has been creating the mustard gas. Diana seems horrified by what she is hearing and her the hero within her wants to help mankind, even though her mother is against it.
 Hippolyta is saying farewell to her daughter before she leaves, as she may never see her again.
The amazing Wonder Woman climbs through her mother's throne room to take the valuables, like the god killer sword, the lasso of truth, and her shield out to war.
 Steve is touring Diana through the areas where they are traveling to
 David Thewlis, the human form of Ares, he has the same scene as the last tv-spot, which is a funny scene where Steve stops Diana from giving away her full identity.
 We get a montage of Diana fighting through a series of soldiers, who do no damage on her, showing how OP she is. In the DCEU Justice League, I would say she is the second strongest character, behind Superman.
 We have that fight between the Amazonians and the invading soldiers who followed after Steve Trevor.
 Wonder Woman is in the final battle against Ares, who is not seen in true form in the trailer.
 Wonder Woman telling Danny Huston's character about how he will soon find out about who she is. Meaning she will probably beat his ass.
 This appears to be at the end of the fight with Ares, and Wonder Woman defeated him, but she may have lost her powers, or was knocked out.
 Diana figuring out the powers in her gauntlets, this is as the begging of the film.
 Diana fighting through an army these appear to be creatures commanded by Ares
We see Diana, in the heat of the battle against Ares, shew may be screaming as someone, like Steve is being killed. Who knows?

Overall, this Wonder Woman trailer is exciting, there has been enough marketing for the film for people to be hyped, but not too hyped. I really love this trailer with ' We are the Warriors' by Imagine Dragons playing, and the look of the film gets me excited. I am looking forward to Gal Gadot bringing to life the origin story of Wonder Woman, one many do not know. I would like to hear your thoughts on the trailer down in the comments below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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