Scarlett Johansson teased on the late show with Stephen Colbert*, that in Avengers Infinity War that there are going to be 60 characters and 30 of them will al be in a single scene together! This is really crazy, who knows how the Russo brothers can even direct such a large cast like this. So the 60 characters I assume is going to be everyone, from Iron Man to  Happy Hogan, Pepper Potts, etc.
*Here is the full interview:

But let's go ahead and name them all right know, which I have no clue on who is confirmed, but I will guess. The way this is structured is that the main Avengers will be first, in order of their appearances, and then I will go to the supporting cast of the charters from the solo series.

  1. Thanos
  2. Iron Man (Main Avengers)
  3. Captain America
  4. Black Widow
  5. War Machine
  6. Thor
  7. Hawkeye
  8. the Hulk
  9. Falcon
  10. Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy)
  11. Gamora
  12. Drax
  13. Rocket
  14. Groot
  15. Mantis
  16. Nebula
  17. Quiksilver (More main Avengers)
  18. Scarlet Witch
  19. Vision
  20. Antman
  21. Black Panther
  22. Spiderman
  23. Doctor Strange
  24. Captain Marvel
  25. Pepper Potts (Iron Man)
  26. Happy Hogan
  27. General Ross (the Incredible Hulk)
  28. Betty Ross
  29. Loki (Thor)
  30. Odin
  31. Heimdall
  32. Doctor Selvig 
  33. Jane Foster
  34. Valkaryie
  35. Lady Sif
  36. Fandral
  37. Volstagg
  38. Hogun
  39. Sharon Carter (Captain America)
  40. Winter Soldier
  41. Maria Hill (SHIELD)
  42. Nick Fury
  43. Cameron Klein
  44. Hope Van Dyne (Ant Man)
  45. Hank Pym
  46. Luis
  47. Aunt May (Spiderman)
  48. Wong (Doctor Strange)
  49. Man-Ape (Black Panther)
  50. Okoye
  51. Nakia
  52. Shuri
  53. Proxima Midnight (Thanos's Black Order)
  54. Corvus Glaive
  55. Ebony Maw
  56. Supergiant
  57. Black Dwarf
  58. Hela (replacement for Death?)
  59. the Collector (Elders of the Universe)
  60. Grandmaster
Wow, I really didn't expect to name that many characters, that was surprising. Again, most of these characters are not confirmed, there might be character added, list or that are on the list who do not appear in the films. That is why I did not include any tv characters, as there is probably not going to be any crossover in Infinity War, which might change in the future. But please, please do not hold your breath for Agents of SHIELD and the Defenders to be in Infinity War.
Other side of  New York

But the scene which contains 30+ characters! that could be any scene given the character count. I would say that it could be a big battle scene or it is a scene of the Avengers creating a game plan with the Guardians to defeat Thanos and the Black Order.

Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

There have been rumors that Yondu would appear in the film, but I doubt that. Since he died in Guradians of the Galaxy vol.2. But all the Guardians alive will be in the film, as I listed. I think that they will play  a realtivly large role in the film, but will not overshadow the Avengers. It has also been rumoured that the Guardians do not go to Eart, which would be intresting, the Avengers might meet them half way in space. But they could go to Earth in Avengers 4, where Peter can reunited with his Grandfather.

Anyway, comment below your thoughts on the possible character list I have come up with here, and how excited are you for Infinity War to see 30+ characters on screen together. As always thank you very much for reading, take care.

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