If you were worried that Black Panther was not going to be in Avengers Infinity War for some reason, well he is. Chadwick Boseman is now filming his scenes for Avengers Infinity War, after filming his own solo film.

I feel like Chadwick Boseman will be in the film, but not soo much of a role as he would have just had his solo film 3 months prior to Infinity War. Compared to Civil War last year, Black Panther will probably not get too much of a central role, which is where I believe the Captain Marvel character might come in. The newcomer like Black Panther and Spiderman were in Captain America Civil War. But with some other news released, there is evidence going aginst this, the part of Black Panther's role.

In the Black Panther, I have a gut feeling that Black Panther will not have any ties to the Soul Stone. There is a very strong possibility that he could. I have been wrong with Infinity Stone guesses in the past, like the thinking that Doctor Strange would have the Soul Stone. But I would have my bet on Thor Ragnarok, the soul stone being in Hela or Heimdal. If it were in Black Panther, I feel like it would have something to do with T'Challa having contact with the soul of the Black Panther he calls upon for powers, and the previous Black Panthers', like his father, which a thing like that has been done in the comics.

IMDB has tweeted out a couple days ago that Winston Duke will be playing Man-Ape not only in Black Panther but also Avengers Infinity War. It is interesting to know that this character will be in both films, which may mean that there may be a lot more Wakanda stuff happening in Avengers Infinity War.  There have been other rumors that we might see the Dora Milaje in Avengers Infinity War, those are the Wakanda bodyguards, in the Black Panther film they are going to be played by Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong, and Letitia Wright.

With all these rumors, this circles back around to how big Black Panther will be in Avengers Infinity War. I would say that with these rumors we could see a couple scenes in Wakanda in Infinity War, these scenes could either have the Avengers using some technology to build a device to fight Thanos, it could be to track the Guardians of the Galaxy, or it could circle back around the idea of the Soul Stone being Wakanda, and the Avengers have to protect it from Thanos.

Anyway, comment below your thoughts on Black Panther coming to Infinity War and the speculation I have created, let me know if you agree or disagree on anything down below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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