The teaser trailer for Black Panther is out, it aired during the NBA finals, game 4, and this trailer is awesome, the tone is what I imagined it would be, something intense, but not too intense, it works it a really awesome area. But there was a lot in this trailer, from the villains to the setting of Wakanda, so let's break it down.

The trailer opens up with Andy Serkis' character, Ulysses Klaw being interrogated by Martin Freeman's character, Everett Ross. This seems like it will be at at the begging of the film, or at least the begging of the contemporary stuff in the film, there might be flashbacks in the film.

From this interrogation, we hear Evertt Ross describing the face of Wakanda, what most people from the world Wakanda as, a basic farming land with not much technology.

Ulysses Klaw recorrects Evertt telling him that there is more to Wakanda. We see the man himself, Chadwick Boseman, T'Challa walk through this water and we see these people in colorful costumes cheering. Klaw says that there is a thing called "El Dorado" in Wakanda, which no one knew was in Africa.

We then see T'Challa fly away in a futuristic ship. I am super curious as to what this all is, it looks really awesome though.

Klaw says that he was is the only person from outside Wakanda to see it, who is still alive. This scene is so awesome, it shows how bad ass Black Panther is. This seems like this is how Black Panther gets a hold of Klaw.

Klaw knows that T'Challa is watching him. It makes me wonder how does Klaw know so much about Wakanda, and the advancement int technology, we know that has stolen a bunch of technology.

New Marvel Studios logo, this looks so stylish

A new look at Wakanda, it seems like that same UFO that we saw T'Chala use earlier is showing back up to Wakanda. Maybe that was T'Challa going on a retreat somewhere and he returns home.

We have a small gang breaking Klaw out of prison, so we know he isn't a solo man after his crew was probably all killed by Ultron and Avengers.

We have this scene in at a bar, it seems like the Dora Milaje, in the scene we see Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira. They might go and disobey T'Challa and try to find some answers out of some people. But the music kicks in here, and and the trailer gets a whole lot more awesome.

T'Challa in his suit taking in all the glory, this seems like he could be returning home from that retreat I was talking about earlier.

Klaw shoots something, he seems to be disguised as a guard at some type of museum, he might be pretending to be someone from Wakanda so this could start some controversy which puts Wakanda at risk.

T'Challa is giving a speech at some United Nations conference. We know from the synopsis that there is going to be the world at stake in this film so this may be how this happens.

Michael B Jordan's character, Kilmonger, he has the same suit as the guy that was masked and broke out Klaw. So he seems like he will get captured, and it will be interesting to see how this will play out and if he will tinker with the Wakanda relationship with the rest of the world.

A council meeting at Wakanda, this matched the concept art which is neat, but the costumes in this scene look so colorful.

Now, this is interesting, we see Kilmonger go up against the Dora Milaje, the most elite guards in Wakanda, and probably the world. Kilmonger would probably have to escape this one because there is no way of winning.

We have two Dora Milaje,  getting ready to fight the threats coming their way, Kilmonger, Klaw, and Man-Ape. But look at the weapons they have, they look some what high-tech, but their costumes, again, so bright and colorful which is awesome.

Here is Man-Ape, played by Winston Duke, it was leaked a couple days ago that he might be in Infinity War. But here he seems to be trying to coop Wakanda.

This last scene is so awesome, Black Panther jumps from a flipping car onto another while moving. This reminds me of the car chase scene from Civil War, but this seems more intense.

This trailer is so awesome, Rayn Coogler has done such an awesome job. I am looking forward to this film, the music, the tone of the trailer is so amazing, what I wanted, something serious, but not too serious. I am looking forward to this film and the story it is going to tell.
There was this poster released on Twitter which has T'Challa on the throne, and the logo is blue, which looks cool.

Comment below your thoughts on the trailer down below, liek what was your favorite part. As always thanks for reading, take care.


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