This is a spoiler review, I have a non-spoiler review which you can check out if you haven't seen the movie.
Wonder Woman, the first female-led superhero film ever, directed by Patty Jenkins. I just love this film straight off the bat, I was excited going into the theater and going out. But let's refresh the memory by going over the plot.

Wonder Woman focuses around Diana Prince who remembers back to her life, her as a child learning about the creation of the Amazons and the gods, and her as a teen training with her aunt, Antiope. We then find Wonder Woman starting off her adventure by finding War pilot, Steve Trevor. Suspecting that the God of War, Ares is behind World War, Diana helps Steve get back to London to put an end to Ares, thus ending World War One. After not being allowed to launch an attack on stopping Doctor Poison from releasing her weapon, Steve and Diana gather some soldiers, Sameer, Charlie, and Cheif, to put an end to the war, with Diana going to stop Ares.

The scene I really loved about the film was the flashback scenes. It was interesting to see Diana progressing throughout her life, from a child to a teen, to an adult. I liked the origin Diana was given, sculpted from clay by Hippolyta and bought to life by Zeus.
The battle scene on Themyscria was so awesome. It is great to see an army of females in battle, it is something that doesn't happen much in movies, and it was insane to see.

My favorite scene in the film was the big second act with Wonder Woman running through the battlefield, into the town, taking down soldiers, and busting up the tower. It was amazing to see such an awesome hero do something spectacular like this.

Gal Gadot, wow, in the film she bought the looks and the performance of Wonder Woman. I loved the character on screen, the development she had with learning about herself, and how mankind operates. I liked how in the film Wonder Woman was not just portrayed as a female Superman, but she had her own qualities, which defined the character to be an inspirational figure

Chris Pine, he was great in the film, I enjoyed his character interacting with Diana and all these mystical elements with Themyscira and the gods. He bought a comedic tone to the film, but when the emotional performance called, he delivered.

Lucy Davis, yeah she was alright. I liked the character being a part of the Diana fish out of water comedy.The rest of the cast was great, I liked the crew Diana and Steve traveled with, Said Taghmaoui, Ewen Bremner, and Eugene Brave Rock. I enjoyed seeing them on screen, they were given scenes to expand their characters which were great.

The villains in the film were great, I enjoyed Danny Huston and Elena Anaya. They were interesting villains on their own. Ares, I did enjoy the inclusion of, David Thewlis was great. However, Ares did feel a little tagged on.

Antiope, played by Robin Wright was so awesome, she served as a jumping off point for Diana to become a hero in the film, but she was so bad ass. Hypolita, played by Connie Nielsen was great, the character was awesome to see on screen, and she felt like a strong leader, didn't want to mess around with mankind.

The Amazonians on Themyscria were awesome. As I said earlier, the battle scene was great, but Themyscria as a place, it was so colorful and different to the past DC films before. I feel as though this year all the comic book films are going to be so colorful compared to last year.

Throughout the film, there was a decent amount a color, you could compare the look of this film is similar to the Christopher Reeves Superman. Which there were a few easter eggs for, like Diana stopping the bullet in the alleyway.

The cinematography in the film was great, there were great shots of the scenery, and the characters, which can circle back around to the look of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, every shot of her in this film is stunning.

In conclusion, Wonder Woman is a great film, one of my favorite comic book films in recent memory. The charter development was great, and the story was a good one. Gal Gadot was great as Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins did a fine job with this film. I will give Wonder Woman an 8.7 out of 10. Later I will break down the new DC logo intro, and later I will discuss Diana's full potential in the character discussion. Be sure to drop a comment below on your thoughts on the film. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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