From San Diego Comic Con, Marvel released a three part poster for Avengers Infinity War, featuring the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, going up against Thanos and his Black Order.
But let's go through the poster, listing the characters and what is different about them.

  • Groot- (Vin Diesel) starting in the top left corner is a teenage Groot, grown up from Baby form in Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, it will be interesting to see how Vin Diesel voices this Groot, like if he throws in a few voice cracks.
  • Rocket- (Bradley Cooper [voice], Sean Gunn [body]) rocket is the same, he is keeping the blue suit from the second film, which is weird as in other concept art he was in the orange suit, however concept art changes to the film.
  • Thor- (Chris Hemsworth) sporting the same haircut as from Ragnarok, Thor is looking ready for battle, hopefully getting a suit back like his old one, not the Ragnarok suit. Like Rocket, in concept art, Thor had longer hair, which might change later in the film.
  • Loki- (Tom Hiddleston) Standing with the Avengers, however his alliance with the Avengers is looking a little sketchy, as in the Infinity War trailer from Comic Con, Loki is in possession of the tesseract, presenting it to possibly Thanos.
  • Drax- (Dave Batista) is looking relatively the same, fighting Thanos is going to be a big emotional battle for him as he has been seeking revenge from Thanos for his family.
  • Star Lord- (Chris Pratt) Back with the same jacket, Peter looks the same, but I am wondering if he will have a reunion with his grandfather in the film.
  • Vision- (Paul Bettany) the suit of the vision looks a little different with the suit, and the face looks a little more like to comics, in terms of the shaping of the head. But in Infinity War it will be interesting seeing if the android will survive without the mind stone.
  • Scarlet Witch- (Elizabeth Olsen) without her Superhero costume, Scarlet Witch is looking close with the Vision, building up the relationship before the stone gets ripped from the vision. But the reason why she may not have her suit is that she has been in hiding with Captain America.
  • Falcon- (Anthony Mackie) Sam Wilson has his full hero suit on, even though he has been in hiding with Captain America since the end of Civil War
  • Captain America- (Chris Evans)  with a new beard, Captain America has been in hiding with his Secret Avengers, and he has ditched the old red, white and blue, for just blue, that is the suit from Captain America the Winter Soldier he is wearing, the stealth suit.
  • Black Widow- (Scarlett Johansson) looking fine as ever is Natasha Romanoff with a new hair color this time, of blonde/white. It is an interesting look, a disguise for her while in hiding with Captain America and the secret Avengers.

  • Thanos- (Josh Brolin) The mad titan in the middle himself, Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet with all the stones, this looks really awesome, he is wearing less armor, and he has been in all  the recent concept art, which makes me wonder if this will be his regular attire for the film, because who needs armor when you have the most powerful object in the universe.
  • Black Dwarf- one of the members of the Black Order, who seems like a match for the Hilk, or Hulbuster.
  • Proxima Midnight- a member of the Black Order.
  • Ebony Maw- a member of the Black Order.

  • Hulk- (Mark Ruffalo) the Hulk is in the top of the poster with an angry face on. I think we will get a decent amount of Bruce Banner in the film him reacting to everything that went down for the couple years he was in space.
  • Hawkeye- (Jeremy Renner) back from hiding is Clint Barton who appears to have a similar purple costume on from Civil War.
  • Winter Soldier- (Sebastian Stan) Bucky is back, we don't know if he is in the Black Panther solo film, he probably won't be, but he has been sleeping in Wakanda and has received a new metal arm with no red star.
  • War Machine- (Don Cheadle) in what seems to be the same suit or a similar one, James Rhodes is back, hopefully walking with the help of his suit.
  • Spiderman- (Tom Holland) in the new Iron Spider suit is Peter Parker, swinging into the art. The suit looks really awesome and will hopefully stick with Peter after Infinity War and Avengers 4.
  • Black Panther- (Chadwick Boseman) what will be 3 months after his solo film, T'Challa is back in Infinity War with the new suit he will be wearing in his solo film. We know in Infinity War, there are scenes in Wakanda so we may see Thanos attack the home of the panther in the film.
  • Doctor Strange- (Benedict Cumberbatch) the detective, I mean the doctor is back, with his yellow gloves, Doctor Strange should play a large part in the film, maybe being in possession of the last Infinity Stone Thanos needs. Doctor Strange will appear in Thor Ragnarok later this year, which will help build up his relationship with the Avengers before Infinity War.
  • Mantis- (Pom Klementieff) with the Guardians is Mantis, who is not sidelined completely in the film. She is the person who wakes Thor up from floating in space, and her powers seem like they will come in use against Thanos "sleep now!"
  • Nebula- (Karen Gillan) the 'daughter' of Thanos, Nebula is back, siding with the Avengers in this poster, as of the end of Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 she set off on her own quest to kill Thanos, but she seems like she needs help and sides with the Avengers to do so.
  • Gamora- (Zoe Saldana) the other 'daughter' of Thanos will have a large role in the film, being a direct tie to Thanos, she will become a great asset to the team to predict the moves of the mad titan.
  • Iron Man- (Robert Downey Jr.) the man who started it all, Tony Stark, back in the new Mark 48 armor which must be space ready. Tony seems to have let go of any and all grudges against his former allies, as he sees a threat coming. This was seen in Spiderman Homecoming, Tony made new tech for Captain America, even though he hates him, he still knows he needs his help. In Infinity War we know that the Mark 48 isn't the only suit he will be wearing, he will also have the Hulkbuster armor back.
Anyway, I absolutely love this poster. I actually have this printed,stretched over 12 A4 pieces of paper, and is on my wall right now, it looks so awesome. Absent from the poster however was Antman, or was he? I would like to hear your thoughts on the poster, or who out of the 26 characters on the poster are you most looking foward to, let me know by dropping a comment below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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