The trailer for Justice League came out at Comic Con in the Warner Brothers panel, so with all new footage, let's breakdown the trailer.

The opening shots of the trailer have these guys in suits with a brief case hold up a museum, presumably to steal some type of artifact which may involve Darkseid coming to Earth. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)  comes to the rescue with her mast reflexes. This could be a straight continuation of the end of Wonder Woman where she suits up and goes on the rooftop to find some crime to stop.

Commissioner Gordon (J.K Simmons) signaling the Batlight for Batman to show, probably the scene we see him with the Justice League on the roof top.

Traveling to Theyscria, Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) is witnessing the mother box on the island summoning Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds). As I said earlier, in the opening scene, that the trailer we see the brief case which may have something to do with Steppenwolf coming to Earth, and what a coincidence we see Steppenwolf coming to the home of the hero who stopped the briefcase incident.

Steppenwolf arrives in Themyscira,  we see a neat new look at the suit, but it isn't too clear. But he seems like he will wreck havoc on Themyscria first, taking the mother box.

We hear a voice over of Steppenwolf saying "no protectors here" We see Aquaman (Jason Momoa) swim through Atlantis, possibly looking at the mother box in the city.

The next line from Steppenwolf is "no more lanterns" meaning that there have been past members of the Lantern corps who have possibly died or left Earth. So going from this, all of the things that Steppenwolf is saying is no more is returning, there are new protectors (Justice League), the Kryptonian is returning (Superman), so it seems like some Green lantern members might show up.
The shot in the film is of Cyborg (Ray Fisher) looking out a broken window, possibly the para demons abducted him as he had possession of a mother box which is now Cyborg.

Steppenwolf then says "no more Kryptonians" while we see Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) looking at a hologram of what appears to be Superman, it could be Supergirl, as the legs to look a little thinner, which would be awesome.

A shot of Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) breaking through a window, the dark haired woman behind him could possibly be Iris West, who is being played by Kiersey Clemons.

Steppenwolf says "this world will fall, like all the others" meaning that the new gods such as Steppenwolf and Darkseid have conquered other worlds before, possibly in search of the mother boxes.

Alfred (Jeremy Irons) reminds Bruce of the good old days when they had to fight the Penguin and his army of exploding penguins.

This is the para demons base we have seen in previous trailers and the Justice League is going to have to raid it, to possibly steal the mother boxes or to rescue hostages such as Silas Stone (Joe Morton), Cyborg's dad who may have been abducted.

Aquaman not having too much faith in the Justice League surviving the battle against Steppenwolf.

Wonder Woman telling the team to stay together, and not strike individually.

The league getting ready to do battle. The facility that the team is in may be a STAR labs facility where there might be something to do with the resurrection of Superman or tracking down Steppenwolf, something crazy like that.

Barry Allen admits to Batman that he has zero experience of crime fighting. This is interesting watching one of the most powerful characters not knowing the full extent of his powers.

Cyborg takes over from Alfred using the Batwing craft. This is awesome, Cyborg is the captain now.

Steppenwolf attacks Atlantis and presumably steals the mother box that the Atlantians have. Aquaman dodges the ax, and seeing the attack will seemingly make him side with the Justice League.

A shot of Wonder Woman fighting Steppenwolf. We saw this shot in the other trailers but I thought Diana was fighting Superman. Anyway, this shot looks really awesome.

The red sky looks incredible, reminds me of the animated Batman series. I believe that this might be the final

This shot is interesting. This might be at the end of the film where the team assembles outside the hall of justice, which is in the city they were defending which would explain the memorial behind the team. However, the police cars in the background may say that this could be the third act of the film.

This shot is of the initial battle of Darkseid coming to Earth and him being battled off by the Amazonians, Atlantians, and Humans, who each is given a mother box.

A shot of Diana dropping her sword and Barry runs for it, I can't wait to see these types of slow motion panorama shots.

Diana is trying to reach for her sword, a continuation of the last shot.

Aquaman stabbing a para demon in the face. This is in the third act, and it looks so awesome with the red sky.

With the Justice League talking to Commissioner Gordon, the Flash runs them all away and calls them rude, kind of mean. But in that scene Gordon said "how many of you are out there", Batman replies 'not enough" so the league might get extra help, possibly from heroes such as Mera, or Green Lantern.

The last scene in the trailer Alfred says "He said you'll come, but let's hope you're not too late.". Obviously "He" refers to Bruce Wayne, but who is Alfred talking to. it is most likely Superman, but who would freak out if it was Hal Jordan or John Stewart Green Lantern, that would be amazing.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this trailer, I will do a breakdown of all the trailers coming out of comic con later, so subscribe for that. Comment below your thoughts on the trailer down in the comments below. If there was anything that I may have missed, comment below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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