So now the spoiler review for Spiderman Homecoming. If you haven't seen the film you can read the non-spoiler review I did of the film, so check that out if you do not want to be spoiled, but let's get on to the review.

Spiderman Homecoming picks up 2 months after Civil War, where Peter Parker has returned to Queens being a friendly neighborhood Spiderman, living with his Aunt May, and going to school. When Peter discovers the plans of super villain, Adrain Toomes, the Vulture and his gang selling weapons collected from previous Avengers battles, Peter suits up as Spiderman to prove the hero that he is.

So the plot of the film is relatively straight forward and it was great, it was not too complex and easy to follow. The film was almost an origin story for Peter becoming Spiderman without being an origin, such as not showing the spider bite or evening mentioning Uncle Ben which there are the theories that he died during the battle of New York. There was a reference to him because Peter said something like " after everything she [Aunt May] has been through" which is probably referencing to the death of Ben.
Anyway, something that did confuse me was right at the begging, Spiderman Homecoming taking place 8 years after the first Avengers, which I am going to break down the Marvel timeline.

In the film, there were so many spectacular scenes, from the action scenes to the ones in high school. I kind of enjoyed the high school scenes a little more because of the realism of the setting. The high school humor in the film was great, probably the biggest joke in the film that made nearly everyone laugh with me was Ned at the end of the film, "I was watching porn".

The action scenes in the film was great, I enjoyed all of them, I liked the ferry save in the film, that was great to see on screen, the Washington Monument was awesome to see in the film, and going back to his old suit for the final act, Spiderman vs Vulture on the plane. that was really entertaining to see because the stakes were higher with Peter using his old suit which was made by a 15-year-old going up against a technologically advanced flying suit made from alien tech.

The scene in Avengers tower was a really neat one. Peter being offered what almost resembles an Iron Spider suit, but he turns the offer down to be an Avenger, which is really neat and a call back to the comics. The suit Peter will probably wear in Avenger Infinity War, but the choice he made really shows that he developed maturity throughout the film.

The aspect that made these scene great as the cast. Of course, Tom Holland, Spiderman, my favorite Spiderman, taking the Peter Parker of Toby Maguire, and the Spiderman of Andrew Garfield, there is a perfect mix of the two. Tom Holland really brings Peter Parker to life, and really brings the audience into the shoes of the character.

The high school cast of the film, so amazing. Jacob Batalon was really interesting, "the guy in the chair" Ned was an entertaining addition to the film, again bringing realism to what it would be like knowing a superhero. I really enjoyed the character and would even like to see him in other Marvel film other than Spiderman.

Zendaya Coleman, as Michelle Jones, or in other words MJ. The character wasn't in the film as much as I expected, but the time she did have was great, the character seems interesting. The MJ twist seems like well she won't be Mary Jame Watson, but the duty amid she may have with Peter in the future films may match the Peter and MJ relationship from the comics.

Tony Revolori was a neat take on Flash Thompson. He was no beefed up 28 years old, he was more or less a regular guy, but he was just a real pain in the ass like most bullies, which brings the idea of the realism that these characters have in the film.

Laura Harrier was a great addition to the cast of the film. It was interesting seeing her character react with the rest of the cast of the film as she is a senior and the others are juniors. I liked the line Ned said, "If anyone is going to have a chance with her it's the Avenger". I hope the charter comes back in the future, especially with her ties to the Vulture.

The villain of the film, the Vulture, played by Michael Keaton is one of my favorite villains in the MCU. The extra few minutes of backstory for the villain was great, it showed us why Adrian Toomes is doing what he is doing. The twist, the twist of Adrian was a great one. It is a reverse of what we have seen this year with other superhero films, like in Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 we had Peter's dad Ego acting nice but being a villain, the same thing in Wonder Woma with Ares. But bringing something fresh to the villain was really neat. I am interested to see where the villain goes next.

The other villains in the film were great, we had the Shocker played by Bokeem Woodbine and the Tinkerer played by Michael Chernus. They were great side villains as they were menacing, however, they didn't overshadow the Vulture. So when Peter struggled to fight the Shocker, you knew he would die against the Vulture.

Donald Glover was in the film and he teased that Miles Morales exist in the MCU. I enjoyed that quick scene between Spiderman and Donald Glover's character in the film, it was great. But we might see a Miles Morales later down the road.

Of course in Homecoming, we had the big TS, Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. It was great seeing the character development in the film as he as parenting Peter throughout the film and it was something new to the character. There was a good amount of Iron Man in the film as he didn't overshadow Spiderman, but when he was on screen, he stole the show. I will do a further talk of the character later this week.

Jon Favreau was back in the MCU as Happy Hogan, it has been since Iron Man 3 in 2013. It was interesting seeing Happy interact with Peter because you can see the relationship shift over the course of the film. I liked how in Civil War Happy had to parent Peter. But also returning from Iron Man 3 was Gwenyth Paltrow, it was such a surprise seeing her return to the MCU, so it seems like she is not having a break from Tony as they got engaged. But it Pepper will probaly return for Infinity War next year.

The new Aunt May, Marisa Tomei was so great in the film. I enjoyed seeing the character and her relationship with Peter in the film. She acted more like a big sister to Peter rather than a mother, so that was a new concept to the character. The ending with her finding out Peter is Spiderman was really funny, just cutting off at the cussing. But it will bring some really neat story in the sequel to Spiderman Homecoming.

Overall, Spiderman Homecoming is such a great film which brings heart, humor, and action back to the character who is now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This film was really well done, Jon Watts did such a great job directing this film, making this an origin story without being one, bringing fresh concepts to the franchise. I will give Spiderman Homecoming an 8.5 out of 10. I would really like to hear your thoughts on Spiderman Homecoming down in the comments below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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