From D23 there was the live action movie panel where stuff from Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney themselves were shown off. And online there is the release of the Star Wars the Last Jedi behind the scenes footage which there is some interesting stuff of note.

 Anthony Daniels talking about how Star Wars has evolved since 1977, even though he still has to wear the gold suit to play C3PO and there is no animatronics.

Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) having a camp fire outside the Millenium Falcon, this is on Ach-To, so he is probably waiting out Rey returning with Luke.

 Here we have Carrie Fisher may she rest in peace.

This must be straight after the force awakens, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) grabs a hold of the lightsaber which he will give back to Rey as she will use it for most of the film.

Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) in the new First order base with a mask, as we know the mask will be destroyed and he will go un protected on his face.

A new creature in the film, a wolf, this creature will most likely show up on the snow planet as seen in the trailer with the Resistance ships and the red smoke.

Lupita Nyong'o doing the motion capture as Maz Kanata.

Laura Dern talking to Carrie Fisher, it seems like Leia will be heavily involved with the Casino planet.

Chewbacca is in a resistance ship so Rey, Luke, R2D2, and Chewie will join back up with the rest of the Resistance.

Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma, she is going to have a fight against Finn in the film, which will most likely be her primary arch.

Rey training on Ach-To, the helicopter down there will be getting the ariel shots of the training montage.

Anthony Daniels as C3PO in a resistance base

These are inhabitants of the casino planet in the film, which they creatures here seem like they are having a pretty good time.

here in the middle is Rian Johnson, the director of Episode 8, and this was them shooting the Ach-To scenes before the majority of the film. which is why it is called the "Pre Shoot Day".

This new creature is really adorable, I think that they will appear on Ach-To.

 Here is the new character of the film, Rose (Kelly Marine Tran) is going undercover with Finn (John Boyega) in the First Order.

 BB8 in a resistance base.

Mark Hamill on set as Luke Skywalker.

We have a better look at Finn and Rey's costumes in the film, and it seems like the two will meet up on the snow planet.

A shot of Rey in her full Jedi gear, Daisy Ridley looks amazing.

Carrie Fisher on set.

The greatest Star Wars charcter of all time is back, Admiral Ackbar.

Overal, I enjoy these behind the scenes sizzle reels that they do, they show new stuff without revealing what is actually the main story of the film or any big twist. I will do a description breakdown of the Infinity War trailer, later on, today, so subscribe to get that. As always thanks for reading, may the force be with you ... always.

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