At Comic Con a Flash season 4 trailer has come out, there was a lot of stuff that was going on about different characters and where Barry is. So without further a do, let's get into the breakdown.

 The trailer starts off with a voice over narration from Iris West (Candice Patton), which may be the replacement for the Grant Gustin narration at the start of each episode as Barry Allen is gone.
 The team is trying to live without Barry, Iris is being strong, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) is in denial that Barry is gone forever, and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is just depressed. Really interesting to see how the characters are living
Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) is back not as Killer Frost, which is interesting. It seems like that they fund a cure for the metahuman inside her, which will be interesting to find out.
 Peekaboo (Britne Oldford) is back on the show to cause more chaos as a rogue on the street Wally has to take care of.
 One of the new rogues, this Samurai guy who has a really bad…


The full, official trailer for Thor Ragnarok is here, straight from Comic Con, there was a lot in the trailer so much awesome stuff, so let's break it down.

 The trailer starts off with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) giving a recap to Hulk in the arena before their fight
 New and improved CG on the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and he look so awesome in the gladiator armor.
 Green Marvel Studios logo
 Hela (Cate Blanchet) has invaded Asgard and she misses tearing through bodies.
 Thor totally won in the fight against the Hulk. I am excited to see the reunion between Thor and Bruce Banner.
 This is a special scene. Hela is putting on her head gear with her orange colored powers. The missing Infinity Stone is the Soul Stone, and is colored orange, matching Hela's powers, taking souls with her powers being shown off as orange. So Hela might have the Soul Stone.
Just an insane shot of all these birds and warriors going for an attack on Hela, possibly in a flashback.
Thor and Bruce bro-ing it out p…


The trailer for Stranger Things season 2 is here from Comic Con and it is amazing, the choice of using the Thriller song is great, and seeing more of the cast is fun. It is interesting looking through the trailer as there are some interesting shots. I am not going to do a full breakdown, only a couple scenes of note which I found interesting.

We open with a scene of the boys going to an arcade, Will (Noah Schapp) gets sucked into being in the upside down before being woken back to reality by Mike (Finn Wolfhard). When this happened, Will was in the real reality, he looked around and none was around him, and then he is in the upside down. What is there is a state of reality between the real world and the upside down, one where no life exists.

 Will is being tested on and monitored on by what could be the big corporation which experimented on Eleven. They could use Will for some experiments which could give him some type of ability, one which could somehow bring Elleven back.

This is t…


The trailer for Riverdale season 2 is out, it came out at Comic Con and it is short but intense, I will cover some important scenes, but not too many. The trailer was connected to season 1 bloopers, so sorry about that. So let's breakdown the trailer.

Continuing straight from the season 1 finale, Archie (KJ Apa) carried his wounded father, Fed (Luke Perry) to the hospital where he will hopefully be okay. In the hospital is Betty (Lilli Reinhart), Veronica (Camilla Mendes), and Jughead (Cole Sprouse), in the background is the Cooper parents. What would they all be doing in the hospital I wonder, well possibly witnessing Polly give birth to the twins, which would be interesting to see the babies bought into the show and how they change the dynamics between characters.

Archie was about to say something about the shooter, but he doesn't say. Jughead later confronts Archie about this. This makes me think that FP, Jugheads dad shoot Fred, and not wanting to tell his best friend tha…


The trailer for Justice League came out at Comic Con in the Warner Brothers panel, so with all new footage, let's breakdown the trailer.

The opening shots of the trailer have these guys in suits with a brief case hold up a museum, presumably to steal some type of artifact which may involve Darkseid coming to Earth. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)  comes to the rescue with her mast reflexes. This could be a straight continuation of the end of Wonder Woman where she suits up and goes on the rooftop to find some crime to stop.
Commissioner Gordon (J.K Simmons) signaling the Batlight for Batman to show, probably the scene we see him with the Justice League on the roof top.
Traveling to Theyscria, Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) is witnessing the mother box on the island summoning Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds). As I said earlier, in the opening scene, that the trailer we see the brief case which may have something to do with Steppenwolf coming to Earth, and what a coincidence we see Steppenwolf com…