The Sony Black Cat and Silver Sable film has now been renamed to "Silver and Black", as reported by the Hollywood Reporter. There is a director for the film, Gine Prince-Bythewood. So talking about the title first. I get where Sony is trying to go with this, with just using the colors in the characters name, another side this could be called Cat and Sable. But will people actually know what characters are in the film? The title seems kind of oblique to me. If I was told by a friend "Do you want to go see Silver. and Black" I would think the film is about some military squad which goes on a mission or something, who knows.

The director of the film, Gine Price-Bythewood, she has found some success in her work, but it does seem like she could handle a project like this. I have faith in the director, but it's just Sony.
What is Sony doing, making films out of a character which they have sharing arrangements on. It's just going to be a mess. It would be great i…


Vanity Fair released some 40th anniversary Star Wars magazines today, and in them, there were a series of new images, which all look really awesome. So let's take a look at the first image of Daisy Ridley as Rey, training on Ach-to with the lightsaber.We learn that the saber is going to be classed as 'Rey's' lightsaber' not Anakin's lightsaber'.  There is none around her, so it seems like she is taking training on herself. I relly love the color scheme in the image, the lightsaber recolors the whole image, and is the only 'hope' in the gloomy background.

This next image has Daisy Ridley in the Falcon, piloting it with Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca. This image looks really neat, it seems like the two character would have bonded together more over the course of the films.

Here is an image of the Resistance crew. We have Carrie Fisher as Leia on the left, and bb8, we get a new look for Oscar Issa (Poe Dameron), and John Boyega (Finn), and out first good …


The trailer for game of Thrones season 7 is here, I am currently watching the whole series, hopefully I will finish before July 16, when the final season preimeres, which looks awesome. I would like to hear your thoughts on the trailer down below. As always thanks for reading, take care.


Season 5 Episode 23:

Hey everyone, the Arrow season 5 finale is out, and so much happens in the episode, so spoilers ahead, let's recap.

The episode starts off with Oliver on the island, Lian Yu. He knocks out an Argus guard and frees Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke, and Captain Boomerang, giving them their gear. Oliver gets the help of Slade by offering him flash drive on the location of his son. We find out that the Mirajuru serum has worn off on Slade. Oliver offers Captain Boomerang the ability get out of jail.

The three meet up with Nyssa and Malcolm, who question why Slade and Boomerang are with them. Oliver tells them that Adrian Chase has Talia with her students, Evelyn, and Black Siren so there will be no fair game. They are about to get some gear off the plane, but a missile hits it and destroys their plane.

The team decides to split up, Nyssa and Malcolm go investigate where the missile came from and Oliver, Slade, and Captian Boomerang go to find Oliver's captured frien…


The third trailer for Spiderman Homecoming is here, it dropped very early this morning, like at midnight pacific time, but the trailer is here, there is a bunch of awesome stuff, so let's break it down.

The opening scene in the trailer is of Peter in the suit, which has an A.I. And we even see a POV (point of view) from Peter inside the Spiderman suit. This reminds me of Iron Man and War Machine, which is awesome, there isn't a whole lot of mumbo jumbo going on the display, but it looks neat.

Another scene of Peter being dropped off after the event in Civil War. I like how Peter asks Tony straight after their mission if they're going on another one soon, but Tony will call him for Infinity War.

Ned asks Peter if he "is going tonight" I think this might either refer to the Washington DC trip or the Homecoming. But Peter uses the excuse of the Stark Internship.
Peter seems to be hitting up Tony daily with everything he has done, like stopping bike thefts, helping …